Hammerhead Olympic Triathlon Race Report

I ‘d like to state that my race day experience started on sunday early morning however it in fact began on sat. I was complete on nerves all day. Probably cause Karel was going to watch/support me at the race and due to the fact that it has actually been tropical storming here for the past week. I think my Type-A character got the best of me and without a typical pre-race regimen, or what I wished to do prior to a race, I was a little uneasy about my prep throughout my taper for the race. Moreover, with the floading, thunderstorms and rain that we have been experiencing, I didn’t even know if I would have a race on sunday. Part of me wanted to get psyched for the race and envision myself racing however I needed to keep in mind that there might not be a race. I then didn’t wish to get myself depressed if the race was cancelled … and I lost my $95 to pay for a race that I wasn’t doing. Oh the stress on saturday. I was simply a little miserable to deal with that night but Karel and I watched a film and did a little shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond to kill time.
I did get a good night sleep even though I woke up a few times on mishap, yet still captured myself looking out the window. “Karel, the race looks excellent.”
The early morning was a little quiet for Karel and I as we were each doing our own things to get ready for my race. We left our location at 5:45 am and off we opted for our 40-mile drive to camp blanding.
I enjoyed my coffee w/ my typical pre-race breakfast of oatmeal, raisins, a little banana and a little PB (all combined). As usual I ate it in the vehicle but discovered it worry-free to eat it in the guest seat. Luckily, Karel new where we were going so I didn’t even have to highlight my GPS on the way to the race venue.
I had actually heard excellent features of this race and the venue and I was actually looking forward to the race. Now that the sun was rising and the clouds in the sky were rain-free, I seemed like I could finally smile and take pleasure in the race.
After examining the race individual list several times, I understood winning the race would not occur. I needed to stay practical about my absence of speed for a 10K run however I was staying favorable about my ability to swim and bike quick. Plus, with Karel there I knew I would bike simply a bit quicker than I would without him existing to cheer me on.
After picking up my chip and getting body significant, I racked my bike and simply cooled for about 40-min. Karel’s boss/teammate/friend/ group supervisor was racing the bike portion for a relay and it was just a hoot to see Jeff get body marked. He was totally against it and all he wanted to do was simply ride a TT 40K bike path.
After going to the bathroom about 3 times (silly nerves), I headed to the water with Karel. I was really pleased to have Karel with me since he does something that I just need before a race. He makes me laugh and smile. When I’m with Karel at his races I understand he gets in the zone and that is what works for him. When it comes to me, I eliminate my nerves by smiling for the video camera, laughing and just talking with others.
After taking in a Hammer Gel 15-minutes before the start, it was time to head to the water for the swim start and after 2 waves of guys, it was time for my All Women Heat. Feeling lucky in my pink cap I went hard from the start. I understand I won’t ever win a race from the swim however I can construct a nice lead heading out on the bike.
The swim went great and I felt actually good. After 5 bouys it was time to make the turn to swim straight to coast but unfortunantly the sun was right in my eyes.
Karel was right there by my bike and talking with me as I transitioned for my bike. He was such a great coach and told me to go get those girls which I had a great swim.
Not just was the race a lot of fun however I kept seeing Karel at different parts of the course cheering and taking photos. I believe karel was spectating on his bike quicker than others were riding however it was fantastic to have him out there. Of course with Karel at T2 I decided to have a little chat with him as I was putting on my shoes.
I headed out on the run and although the heat hit me on the bike, the run was a bit hot. What did amaze me on the run was that the course was not flat. The run course (all new to me that morning) was up and down for the entire 10K. Not only rollers however a few climbs at each turn around. It was an enjoyable course to keep each mile extremely fascinating however the help stations seemed like a century away to get to. Each help station had ice water and I discarded the ice down my Zoot bra top and it actually worked to keep me cool. I had gatorade at aid station 3 and 5 and that was the very first time I had gatorade because May. Thankfully, I remained well-hydrated throughout the bike and since I knew it would be a hot run, I relied on my HIM hydration strategy of drinking every 15-minutes. Whereas in a sprint range tri I would perhaps make it through 1/2 a bottle of my amino acid’s I selected utilizing 1 scoop amino essential + a little less than a scoop of the amino acids for this olympic distance. For any longer of a race than an OD I would just utilize HEED + amino’s. For a “sprint” type race or one that requires max-out efforts like this race, I needed my brain to be just as stimulated as my body.
As far as the run I didn’t utilize any gels however made sure I had as much fluid as I might get in during the run. I wound up just passing one woman on the run and got gone by 2 ladies.
I believe the only thing that conserved me during my run was getting in tune with my body. I understood 6-miles would not go quickly and with a difficult course, I required to remain focused on my running. I know my speed is simply not where it needs to be to be a speedster in the oympic distance tri-scene, I do know that I have endurance and a lot of slow-twitch fibers. If I can find a comfy rate I understand I can sustain it. I found my ryhthm at mile 3 of the run and by mile 4 I was picking up the rate. I made quick looks at my watch to make certain I would be available in at mile goal time of 2:25. Concentrating on my run stride, breathing and kind really helped me stay focused throughout the run and before I understood it I was seeing the crowd and the finish line. And of course. there was Karel!
This was my 4th Olympic range triathlon and a race that I really thought I didn’t like. A sprint range is fast enough for me however double the range and it is a whole new, agonizing race.

Thanks for everyone for my great reply’s on my blog. I appreciate your interest for me racing and it makes it a lot more enjoyable to compose a race report when I can hear that I have some sort of speed in these legs. And a huge thanks to Karel for being at my race. And after 2 1/2 hours of enjoying me race, Karel required to relieve himself from being inside for a week directly and after that watching me race … so he bike the 40-miles home as I awaited the awards:-RRB-.

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